Mortgage delinquencies are down across the U.S. — but up in South Florida. Here’s why.

Colorado Springs is doing well compared with the U.S. as a whole, but its mortgage delinquency rates are higher than the Colorado average. In August, Colorado Springs saw a 2.7 percent rate of mortgages past due by 30 days or more, down from a rate of 3.1 percent last year.

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 · Foreclosure rate in Minnesota lowest in a decade. At the end of September, just 0.2 percent of all Minnesota homeowners with a mortgage lost their homes to foreclosure, according to CoreLogic, which tracks mortgage delinquencies at several intervals. That rate was down from 0.3 percent last year and was only about a third of the national average.

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U.S. student loan debt hit a staggering. change were those that were 90 days past due, which went down by just 2 percent. Delinquency rates increased in only two areas since 2015- the South.

deceleration may have affected delinquency rates on subprime mortgages.. Over the past decade, the subprime mortgage market has grown remarkably; by. house and if you default, you also risk giving up some or even all of that capital gain.. (2007) for an analysis of recent trends in expenditures on housing by U.S. .

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The city has the lowest percentage of underwater mortgages that are also delinquent. mortgage, you can take solace in the fact that you’ll be making up for it elsewhere as Virginia Beach is one of.

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"The average down payment on a U.S. home fell in the third quarter, though down payments as a percentage of purchase price remained about the same," said Tendayi Kapfidze, chief economist at.

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