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For the latter, suspicions of identity theft can be reported by calling the IRS on the toll-free number provided in the letter. How to Use the IRS ID Verification Service. The taxpayer logs into the IRS platform through the website. The taxpayer provides all relevant information pertaining to his or her identity and the tax return in question.

This can cause a nightmare scenario of audits and investigations, not to mention the rejection of your actual tax return. The IRS has set up an Identity Protection Specialized Unit, so check out their.

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More information about tax identity theft is available from the FTC at and the IRS at Wayne Bank is a subsidiary of Norwood Financial Corp., Member FDIC.

As peak tax season approaches. social security numbers and other information that can lead to identity theft." Fortunately, these are easy scams to avoid if you remember this one crucial detail:.

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Go to and create an identity theft report. This report will provide the foundation for investigators and help guide you through the recovery process. Also alert the social security administration and IRS. Heal the Wounds . It can take six months or more to resolve the damage to your financial life.

Busy season has barely begun, but the fraudsters are at it already and in a new way. The latest scheme is to use taxpayers’ real bank accounts to deposit refunds from fraudulent tax returns. A crook.